Hello my name is Mats Hjelm. I’ve been doing web sites since 1995 (read more about that and the history below). First about this project… NinZine 3.0 is syndicating posts from RSS feeds of what I think is good Bujinkan sources and displaying them here in this blog. It works like an electronic magazine (e-zine). Each contributor (blog that we syndicate) have different settings, some prefer to publish the whole post, some only excerpts, some no videos, some no pictures etc. We re-publish what we can from the rss feed. If you click on the articles title you will open the original source. If you prefer to read articles with your own rss reader you can subscribe with this NinZine RSS link. If you want to suggest another good Bujinkan source for the NinZine, please contact us. We can not take everything, but we are looking for…

  • Articles and essays that is of interest for people in the Bujinkan Dojo
  • It must be in English language, American is also ok ?
  • Bujinkan businesses is ok, but no spamming and it should be news worthy and not only for promoting old stuff. Think news worthy.
  • If you don’t have your own blog and want to write, it is really easy to start one at WordPress.com, and completely free.
You don’t need long training experience to write interesting stuff. You could write seminar reports for example. This is something I rarely see, if you have been to a seminar why not write a short or longer report from the seminar and include a few pictures. Maybe you’re already doing that, let me know your blog so I can review it.   – My Facebook page – My web site  

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